Free skill matrix template for excel

The skill matrix is an essential tool for teams to manage their skills. Our skill matrix template for excel makes immediately visible which skills need to be developed in order to ensure the team effectiveness.

If you need to manage skills in a single team and you do not have special requirements, then a excel table will help you to do the job.

Our template is free to download and implements the basic functions for skill management:

Key features for the excel template

Our excel template use the skill proficiency scale from the NIH, this is a standard scale used in many human resource departments.

With the excel template you can:

  • Sort the skills by categories
  • Select the skill levels from the skill scale
  • Define one requirement for each skill with a level and the number of people.
  • Calculate the bus factor, the measure of the risk that occurs when capabilities are not shared accros team members.
  • Calculate the number of members who need to develop their skills to match the skill requirements.

How to use the skill matrix template?

Skill development is the most effective when it is done with the team. Share the excel template with your team and start filling the data.

  1. Ask your team to think about all the tasks they have to perform and ask to add them the required skills.
  2. Add in the skill matrix skills which are strategic for the future business of your company.
  3. Ask your team to evaluate their skill level and update the skill matrix.
  4. For each skill, show the evaluation results and ask the team members if they want to give feedback about some evaluations.
  5. In the requirement section, define the levels required for each skill and the number of members who should have this level.
  6. In the last column you can see the number of people who are missing for each level. The bus factor is the difference between the number of required people and the number of missing people.
  7. Decide actions with you teams to increase the skill levels.

What can you do more with our skill matrix software?

For basic skill management, an excel table is ok, the skill matrix software in teammeter is more adapted for enterprise skill management. It brings following features:

  • Each employee can define its own personal target levels for skill development. This is visible in the matrix so that all team members can support the skill development.
  • Create a skill development plan with planned trainings and actions to improve skills.
  • Create more complex skill requirements to define for each skill level the number of required people. You can for example define that all team members must be have at least the novice level and that two experts are required to lead the team.

With a skill matrix software, it is possible also to use a common definition of skills in the company and aggregate data to identify the training requirements in the whole company.

If you decide to switch from the excel template to our skill matrix software, no problem, you can import it into teammeter.