Skill matrix software for agile teams

Managing skills with excel is a pain. With the skill matrix in teammeter, agile teams have finally an enterprise tool do develop their skills.

See how the skill matrix is working in this video:

Ensure that your team has always the right skills

skill matrix
Skill Matrix in TeamMeter

Define your skill requirements and identify the gaps.

The skill matrix is an essential tool for agile teams to develop their skills.

Define what the skill levels required in your team. Identify the skill gaps to ensure that your team is always able to deliver.

Accelerate the knowledge transfer within your team by connecting knowlegde owners with knowledge requesters.

Increase the quality of your hiring by better identifying the required skill profiles.

Skill development plan and reminders made easy

Decide actions to increase skill levels and meet the team requirements.

Help your team members to define their own skill development plan.

Our software proposes the most relevant trainings among the different training offers.

Add certifications to your profile and keep track on the renewal of certifications in the skills matrix.

Turn your skill data into actionable results

With data analytics you can see your learning potential and how much progress has been made.

Keep an eye on your key skills and ensure that your teams have the required qualifications.

Visualize which skills are missing in your organization and elaborate a strategic skill development plan.

The success of teams depends above all on their skills!

Collaborate to develop skills

Self-organization is a key success factor for the future or work.
Support your team to elaborate a growth strategy and find the right actions to develop skills.

Your own skill taxonomy

Define your own skills, levels, categories and roles used in your business. Each employee can suggest new skills to be added to your enterprise catalogue.

Skill development plan and reminders made easy

Provide training recommendations from the training catalog of your company and remind employee to renew their certifications.

Would you like to see our skill matrix in action?


What is a skill matrix ?

A skill matrix is a tool that outlines the skills and knowledge required for different roles within an organization. It has been popularized in agile teams to manage their skills and decide how to organize knowledge transfer within the team.

What is the difference between a qualification matrix and a skill matrix?

A skill matrix contains both soft skills and hard skills, while the the qualification matrix contains only hard skills.
Soft skills are personal or interpersonal abilities required for all types of jobs, while hard skills are job-related technical or methodical competencies.

How is a competency matrix used ?

A competency matrix is used to assess the skills of individuals and teams, and to identify gaps in knowledge or abilities. It is also used to plan training and development programs for employees.

What are the benefits of using a competency matrix ?

The benefits of using a competency matrix include improved performance, increased job satisfaction, better alignment of individual skills with organizational goals, and more effective training and development.

What is strategic skill development?

Strategic skill development is the process of intentionally and systematically developing a set of skills that are aligned with an individual’s personal or professional goals. It involves identifying the specific skills that are necessary to achieve those goals and then creating a plan to acquire or improve those skills over time. This plan may involve a combination of formal education, on-the-job training, self-study, and other methods of skill acquisition.

Can we use our own skill level scale?

We are aware that each company as own description of skill levels. You can configure your own skill scale in the administration interface of TeamMeter.

How can we test the skill matrix module of TeamMeter?

You can join our early adopter program where you can test our application for free during 6 months. During the early adopter program we have regular checkpoints with you to better adapt the product to your needs.