Make your teams extraordinary

teammeter is a software platform helping teams learn faster and reach excellence.


Take advantage of the collective intelligence

teammeter is the first platform to unleash the potential of agile and self-organizing teams. Its brings more transparency, enabling people to learn faster, align to common goals and make better decisions.

Accelerate the continuous improvement in your teams

  • Plan: Define your development objectives with required skills, behaviors, experiences and norms.
  • Assess: Perform intelligent self-assessments and collect continuous feedback.
  • Analyze: Identify the main areas to be improved through data analysis.
  • Decide: Decide collectively actions for improvement. Get training recommendations from a knowledge base.

Team health checks

teammeter provides team and organizational health checks to assess the employee satisfaction and agile practices.

With the integrated retrospective tool, teams are guided to find and implement actions.

“Thanks to the anonymous surveys in teammeter, the employees have the possibility to share honestly their experience. We can see tendencies and take countermeasures in case we detect a problem.”

Philipp Köhler – Cofounder of Upsters Energy

Skill development made easy

The success of teams depends above all on their skills. With the skill matrix in TeamMeter, team members are motivated to develop their skills and get training suggestions.


Secured Cloud hosting in Europe.
Hosting in your infrastructure possible.

Compliant to European Data Protection Policy (GDPR).

Data aggregation in your organization structure and display in a company dashboard.

Connection with Data Analytics Tools (e.g Tableau) with a RESTfull API.

Single Sign-On with your company authentication server using the OAUTH protocol.

Integration with JIRA for task management.