Configure organization dashboards

With TeamMeter it is possible see what are the improvement potentials at every level of the organization structure. We show you how to configure the dashboards for your organization.

Unit spaces

TeamMeter enable to have dashboards for every unit of the organization structure. They aggregate data from all the teams in the unit or sub-units. These dashboards are in spaces that are private in organization structure, so that units at the same level cannot be compared.

Every unit space is accessible for teams or sub-units in the organization structure. So every team can access the company space and see the progress of the organization development.

Creating a unit space

Creating a unit space

Configuring the unit

You can now add some teams or sub units in the unit space. Go to “Settings” and open the tab “Organization”. You can add a team or unit that is not yet belonging to any unit.

If the team already belonging to a unit and you want to move it to your unit, it has to be configured in the settings of the team space.

Configuring the dashboard

To finish the configuration, you have to select the health checks that you want to be displayed in the unit dashboard.
Go to to “Heath Check > Models” and browse the health checks of your company. Then click on “Copy” to add it to the unit space.

You have finished the unit setup. The dashboard will show data once assessments will be done by the teams in your unit.