Dealing with external workers

Many teams hire external workers to extend their capacity. As participant in the team delivery chain, they should be included in the continuous improvement processes of the team. For legal reasons, external workers cannot be integrated in the company organization like other employees. Teammeter has special rules to deal with such users.

Creation of users

Adding manually external workers

External workers can be added to a team without giving them access to the application.
When you add members to a team, click on “Create User” instead of sending an invitation email.
This state is displayed in the member list of a team with the tag “No Access”.

Automatic Registration with Single-Sign-On

In case you have configured SSO, external workers can access the application are automatically registered.
Your SSO server should be configured to provide a claim identifying the user as an external worker.
The user is then is automatically created without the role EMPLOYEE and cannot access his skill profile.

What can you do with external workers?

  • Invite them to Surveys
  • Invite them to Retros
  • Display and update their skills in the Skill Matrix.