Dealing with external workers

Many teams hire external workers to extend their capacity. As participant in the team delivery chain, they should be included in the continuous improvement processes of the team. For legal reasons (in particular tax regulations) external workers cannot be integrated in the company organization like other employees. TeamMeter has special rules to deal with such users.

Dedicated role for external members

External staff can be added to a team with the role “External Member” to a team. This special role is displayed in the member list of a team and in the skill matrix.

What can external workers do?

  • Participate to team surveys
  • Participate to team retros
  • Be assigned to actions decided in retros
  • See the team dashboard with recommendations
  • See the team skill matrix
  • Edit their skill levels in the skill matrix

What cannot external workers do?

  • Access to the employee profile (skill profile, development plan, certifications, internal mobility)
  • Access to the dashboards of the parent organizations