• You are a scrum master or coach and use TeamMeter for the first time? We guide you through the first steps.

  • You are a agile coach or scrum master and want to facilitate a successful retrospective.

  • You are manager or coach and want to configure organization dashboards.

  • You are administrator or coach and want to know what are the roles in TeamMeter and map them to your organization.

  • Learn about the data protection policy from TeamMeter: How data is managed and what is used for?

  • You are a scrum master and agile coach and would like to create your own team assessment model? We give you 5 tips to create crystal clear and sharp questions.

  • Learn how to synchronize the actions decided in a retro in your Jira project.

  • Many teams hire external workers to extend their capacity. As participant in the team delivery chain, they should be included in the continuous improvement processes of the team. For legal reasons (in particular tax regulations) external workers cannot be integrated in the company organization like other employees. TeamMeter has special rules to deal with such … Read more